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Basics, etc.
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Age & Birthday: 17, feb 29
Location: Iowa
Where were you born? Des Moines
Are you single? always

Favourites (name as many as you want)
Bands:Of Montreal
Movies:My neighbor totoro
Books:Prozac Nation
Alcoholic drink:vodka (chased by boones farm yummmm)
Non-alcoholic drink:smoothies!
Drug (if any):none
Songs:such great hights
Quotes (from anything): "i am bored with it all" someone (i cant remember who's) last words
Genre of music:rock (being vauge here)maybe indie?
Genre of movies:horror

Your opinions (don't worry, controversy is fun, so be honest)
Gay marriage:should be allowed
The U.S. drinking age:fine how it is
Straight-edge kids:liers
Violence in the media:eh...
The city and/or state you live in (or just the country in general):boring as hell
Organized religion: good for them (gives people something to live for) but DONT push it on me!

Random stuff
Why do you want to join this community and why should we accept you?
because i need to vent about the dumb ass shit i do, that no one else wants to hear about
What are some of your talents? And don't say none, everyone is good at at least one thing: writing, art, and making people feel better
Why do you use Livejournal? What do you like about it? to talk about bullshit, it's something to occupy my time
Do you use Myspace? Feel free to post the link to your profile, if you do. no
How many communities do you belong to? like 3
Do you prefer having a couple very close friends or lots of semi-good friends? Why? couple fery close one, semi-good friends suck and are back stabbers...why would i want a lot of that?
If you were going on a date, would you rather it just be you and your date or a big group date? Why? my date and i, i dont like lots of people
Describe your "soulmate": someone who can make ma laugh and melt and makes fun of everybody (except me)
Do you self mutilate? (You don't have to answer this if you don't want to.)yes.

Post at least 2 clear and semi-recent pictures of yourself. (Feel

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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