lizzle fizzle (to_tough_to_die) wrote in razorsandvodka,
lizzle fizzle

masturbate and mutilate

Basics, etc.
Name: lizzle fizzle (hehe, that was for you)
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight (except for sami.. ;)
Age & Birthday: 15, feb. 3
Location: shreve fuckin port
Where were you born? great town of griffin, georgia
Are you single? no?

Favourites (name as many as you want)
Bands: ramones, crass, devotchkas, yadda yadda
Movies: american history x, life is beautiful, sandlot
Books: and the sea will tell, and I don't want to live this life (I still have that by the way..I'll give it back to you when I come over next)
Alcoholic drink: green apple smirnoff ;)
Non-alcoholic drink: vanilla coke
Drug (if any): none ;)
Hobbies: pittin
Songs: "city of angels"(distillers), "bloody revolution", "big A little a" (crass)
Quotes (from anything): My bush makes love not war; the frankenstein monster you've created has turned against you and now you're hated.
Genre of music: punk/rock
Genre of movies: mafia movies kick ass. so do ones that have to do with the kkk, or nazis.

Your opinions (don't worry, controversy is fun, so be honest)
Gay marriage: hell yeah
The U.S. drinking age: long as they can see over the bar. :D
Radio:no thanks
Straight-edge kids: where's my baseball bat?
Violence in the media: show me more, with no sugar coating!
The city and/or state you live in (or just the country in general): is a piece of shit
Organized religion:is a fucking cult

Random stuff
Why do you want to join this community and why should we accept you? All the cool kids are doin it :)
What are some of your talents? And don't say none, everyone is good at at least one thing: talents, talents...getting drunk off 3 smirnoff? I'd say that's pretty good...and I like to make clothes. yes, I do.
Why do you use Livejournal? What do you like about it? I use it to read peoples posts, and make fun of them...I like seeing how fucked up or boring peoples lives are. gives me a thrill for some reason.
Do you use Myspace? Feel free to post the link to your profile, if you do.yes, as you know, I do.
How many communities do you belong to? none
Do you prefer having a couple very close friends or lots of semi-good friends? Why? a couple close friends, as is..because, when you get too many people, you arent as close with them all, and you become a dreaded "clique". I hate cliques...*shudders*
If you were going on a date, would you rather it just be you and your date or a big group date? Why? definitly just the two of's a DATE right? I don't want some fucker talking to us while we're playin tonsil hockey...jeez
Describe your "soulmate": he's 5'7'', he's a surfer, and a skater. He's into the same music as I, and he's from the beach.
Do you self mutilate? (You don't have to answer this if you don't want to.) haha, NO.

Post at least 2 clear and semi-recent pictures of yourself. (Feel free to post more than 2.) have some on your know I don't know how to do this shit sami..gah IDIOT!!
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I forgot about that pictures part, dear Liza.
But I shall say yes because your answers weren't as dumb as that other chick's and because you're cuter.