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Important update from BOTH of your mods.

Briana is sitting right here next to me, so everything you're about to read is coming from both of us.
For one thing, this little tiff that we've had with catching_tigers has brought on some interesting points that we would like to publicly display with you now.

Paula, you said it yourself, you accepted her after merely skimming her application. Zach, I don't know if you read it either, but to us, it sounds like you both only wanted her in here because we finally got a new member and this community isn't quite so dead anymore.

Let me explain somethin to ya. This community might be halfway pointless, but it's also halfway not. Briana and I might be sarcastic assholes, but hey, let's take a look at the name of this community for a second. Razors.And.Vodka. We both drink, we both cut. Most of you in here do one of the two or both, or at least used to. Why do you think this community was formed? That little catching_tigers chick didn't do what all of us have in common. Why should you accept her? This isn't some elitist thing--almost everything that Briana and I said to that little shit was just for shits and giggles. However, we DO accept and reject people. This community was NOT for her reading material, it was for her and every fucking other person to come in here and talk about whatever the hell they want as long as they have some sort of purpose for BEING here. Reading material is not a good purpose, if you ask me, because as stupid as this thing may seem, it still did have a point behind it.

Do I sound repetitive? GOOD. Because maybe then some of you bastards that are anything like little miss catching tigers and thinking about applying WON'T DO IT. I don't care if I have to post an enormous sign on here that says NON SELF MUTILATORS NOT WELCOME. I'll fucking do it. In fact... THIS IS THE SIGN, BITCHES! And it's going on the userinfo. Assholes.

This community is not for people that want to LEARN how to self mutilate or make fun of people that self mutilate. We do not support this addiction (despite what we might have told that little shit on her application). This is to talk about our problems, and since we understand one another better than others might think we do, it's a support group for us.

So, in conclusion, bitches and hoes (just to let you know who's writing this), we may not be serious all the time and we don't always have to discuss self mutilation and blah blah fucking blah, but it's good to know that the people we share other stories with have something in common with us besides music and movies and... other.. shit.

We are eating outstanding popcorn, and you should all go out and buy some. And get really fat. Fuck your anorexia for a day, and eat this insanely good popcorn. Orville Redenbacher's POUR OVER BUTTER movie theater style popcorn. Go. Now. Do it. You know you wanna. IT'S THE BEST.

Your lords and masters,
Briana and Sami.
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